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The research, design, development, construction, software and hosting costs for SeniorsWork.net are being defrayed solely by that senior worker in the photo above. If you wish to help support this effort dedicated to helping our senior workers, anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. 


SeniorsWork.net is the effort of one fellow senior worker who decided to put the time and effort exclusively into developing SeniorsWork.net as a useful job search tool for other senior workers. SeniorsWork.net's mission is to assist you by providing you abundant resources to conduct a targeted job search from your specific location and expanding outward from there.

Relying on job boards can sometimes be useful. But, it's simply too expensive for many of your local, smaller companies, so they often don't use them to post jobs. Most governmental agencies don't either.

SeniorsWork.net is here to save you countless hours and loss of potential income searching for elusive but useful resources using a multitude of links to your local city and county HR departments, local newspapers, job boards, state and federal agencies, chambers of commerce*, BBB* and other resources. Additionally, there are business start-up resources and links to colleges and universities for those of you wishing to start your own business or seek additional education or certification. So, grab a snack and something to drink and bookmark SeniorsWork.net as your one-stop source for your job search.

(*Often, chambers of commerce and the BBB will list the names and/or email addresses of corporate officers representing a company....a quick way to get your resume in front of the top company officials versus getting your resume lost in the HR department.)

We emphatically recognize and realize first-hand the benefit of the knowledge and experience that senior workers offer as a substantial advantage to our workforce and to the future of our country. For this reason, SeniorsWork.net exists and is here to help.

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