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SeniorsWork.net is NOT a resume writing service nor a professional employement counseling entity. Nonetheless, here are a few quick tips we have collected during the course of gleaning through the internet searching for the right content to bring to you, our users and fellow senior workers.

Some quick tips about your resume -

YOUR "CALLING CARD" - Just as a business card serves as a means of introduction to a new contact, your cover letter and resume serve as your introduction to a prospective employer. Whether mailed, faxed, hand-delivered, or sent electronically it has to introduce you and say a great deal about you, your employment background and accomplishments, and what you have to offer an employer very, very quickly. It is a "door-opener" toward gaining an interview and, from that interview and demonstrating what you can "bring to the table", a possible job offer.

RESUME LENGTH - Does a resume have to be one page? As a senior worker, and by this time in your working life, you probably have a few employment, training, and educational references. While it may be the ideal situation to have a one-page resume, a two-page resume is generally acceptable for those who have had an extensive employment or academic background, generally within the same industry or area of study. However, keep this in mind. Regardless of the length of your resume, human resource and hiring managers review at least dozens of resumes each day, so they are going to devote only six to seven seconds to scanning yours before making a final decision to retain your resume for consideration or to disregard it altogether. So, keep your resume easy to read and make sure also that your Objective or Summary at the top of your resume is concise, easy to read, and says something about what you can offer.

FONTS - What font should you use on your resume? The information you gain from the resources presented for your use on this page should help you select one that is acceptable and suits your tastes. Again, though, keep this in mind. Your resume will be read by humans AND computers. It's likely that when you submit your resume to large corporations over the internet, it will reside in a "resume bank", a computer that stores it electronically for retrieval later by a hiring authority based on keywords. For this reason, you will want to avoid things on your resume that computers can't read, such as large, space-filling curly-ques, or fancy bullets, or exotic fonts. Additionally, you may want to make frequent use of industry keywords and action verbs to describe what you have performed or accomplished. You can find keywords and action verbs for your resume in the resources listed above.

LOOKING FORWARD VERSUS LOOKING BACKWARD - As a senior worker, it's very likely that you have by this stage accomplished many things in your working life that reflect not only your knowledge and expertise at what you do, but also what you have demonstrated regarding your persistence, sense of commtment, self-discipline, and abilty to get the job done and done well. While this speaks highly of you, potential employers also want to now know what you can offer to his or her company now...TODAY. Therefore, its important that your resume not read like a simple biography of your life, but like a summary of abilities and experiences which back up your statement of what YOU can do for them. Write what you have done, but write it from a forward-looking perspective demonstrating how you can apply your background as an ASSET to a new employer.

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